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"Bridge skill gaps, boost engagement, and cultivate future leaders with our innovative platform."



Unlock career potential

In today's dynamic job market, continuous learning and skill development are essential for success. But navigating the vast landscape of learning resources and finding the right guidance can be overwhelming.

Skill Check


"SkillCheck," is designed to help organisations and professionals evaluate and improve their soft skills

Career Shadowing.


An excellent way to learn valuable skills and tricks from those with more experience.

Career Paddy app Benefits

Reduced Time-to-Prosperity

New hires gain valuable insights and skills from experienced colleagues, accelerating their ability to contribute meaningfully.

Improved Knowledge Retention

Peer-to-peer learning, fosters deeper understanding and practical application of knowledge compared to traditional training methods.

Enhanced Talent Development

Identify and cultivate high-potential employees by providing them with real-world exposure and mentorship opportunities.


Why Career Paddy app?

We are a mobile platform that understands that by honing your skills and gaining valuable knowledge, you'll feel more confident in your abilities


Flexible Scheduling for Experts

Experts can set their availability and manage their calendars directly within the app, ensuring a convenient experience for knowledge sharing.

Streamlined Booking System

Learners can easily browse expert profiles and book sessions seamlessly, fostering efficient knowledge exchange.

Rewarding Achievements with Badges

Downloadable badges upon course completion provide a sense of accomplishment and showcase acquired skills to potential employers.

Actionable Reporting

Gain valuable insights into skill development progress and identify areas for further focus, both for individual learners and the organisation as a whole.

In-Depth Session Evaluation

Learners can provide feedback on their experience with experts, ensuring continuous improvement in the knowledge-sharing process

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What do these people have in common?

They are all new to their roles and might not have the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the role. No matter your industry—whether in tech, manufacturing, or healthcare—soft skills and learning from experts are indispensable for workplace success, benefiting both employees and employers alike

I just became a fresh employee to the organization



He was just promoted to a mnanger role



I just changed my role within the organisation